Saturday, November 24, 2012

fun in Fancy Gap!


Last weekend we all headed for the mountains of southern Virginia ... to Fancy Gap. We rented a house perched high on a hill, with a 180-degree view. Wow!

We came from all directions, winding the breathtaking roads just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. The biting wind, the sunrises and sunsets were all stunning. Three generations converged for a long weekend, hauling in our own mountain of food, toys, hats and coats.

With the three granddaughters so small, a lot of baby-holding happened. Whether playing, reading, fixing the next meal, or climbing up a waterfall, our arms were usually full. Full of love.

I'm having a little, alright a BIG problem with posting photos on the blog, so please bear with the only method I can figure out. I hope you can enlarge each photo by clicking on it.

Next post: more photos, the Lord willing!

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