Wednesday, August 1, 2012

happy anniversary, Mark and Jill!

My son Mark married his beautiful wife Jill
three years ago today.
I know of nothing better than
children who marry and
commit to
loving God, each other and family.

Mark and Jill will soon move
to northern Virginia for a new job for Mark.
I'm very proud of him and excited for them,
though my heart breaks at the thought of
their leaving.
I will miss dinners together, visits and errands out with Jill,
and of course seeing Lily frequently.

Then again,
it's my job as a mother to want the very best
for my children. If that means
pursuing opportunities that take them
away from us, then I trust God with the big picture,
to work in the details of all that lies ahead.

Love you, Mark and Jill. Happy anniversary!

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