Wednesday, August 8, 2012


In over 30 years, the only time I saw my mother-in-law cry 
was the night we moved away from her.
She cried as she said good-bye to my small sons in their bunk bed.
Her emotions took me by surprise. 
But now one of those sons is moving away with his family.
And I know.
I feel the impending ache of empty arms 
as a tall, strong son leaves to make a better life for his family. 
And I cry with sadness and wonder over the love that
knits the hearts of my daughter-in-love and me.
In church on Sunday I nuzzled my lips across Lily's warm, fuzzy head,
brushing her little bit of silken hair.
And I prayed.
I prayed for strength for the coming separation.
I prayed to have trust in God's promise to always care for us.
I asked for a confidence to push away my doubts, desires and emotions
and simply let God be God and do His thing.
It is the right thing to do, and what choice do I have?
But it's oh so hard.
Because I hate letting them go.
And letting go is a matter not of the heart, but the will.
I am at times a weak believer,
not strong in the ways of God. 

I remember the promise made to myself.
That I will not put selfish desires before the needs of my growing children.
When I sense they need to learn, I'll let them find a way.
When they need to try, I'll stand back.
When a failure will teach them, I'll allow them to fall.
When they seek God, I will not undermine their obedience to Him.
When I see Him working in their lives, I will thank Him.
And when they need to move away,
I'll stand aside
and encourage them to fly.
By God's grace, I will release them
so they can fly.

We know that all things work together for good
to those who love God.
Romans 8:28

The goal of faithfulness is not that we will do work for God,
but that He will be free to do His work through us.
- Oswald Chambers


klrodman said...

I'm sitting at TU in the ETC Lab with tears running down my face. Daniel leaves Sunday & even tho he doesn't take a wife & child with him, it's still so hard to think of him moving away. Not just going to college, but starting a new life somewhere else. It is the right thing for him and I'm happy, SO happy for him, but it's hard! Why did they turn out to be such wonderful people? If they were major messes, we might be happier to see them leave! Ha! I'm with ya, girl!

Family Travels on a Budget said...

It's that season for many of us! Praying with you for us as we figure out how to say goodbye.