Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a sweet day at home

Long ago, when the children were young,
I would try very hard to carve out a day to be at home.
Totally at home.
Not an errand
not a run to the store
no appointments.
As they got older,
I found it almost impossible to achieve a day at home.
This has turned into a busy week
and today was my only day at home for the whole week.

Mothers at home with tiny ones who nap and eat often
and so must stay home a lot
don't understand this
but they will someday.
Days at home, if rare, are so sweet and ... productive!
Introverts, I think, especially love to be at home. I do.
Today I finished writing an article that's due soon.
Watered the flowers.
Made granola. And part of tomorrow's dinner.
And did laundry. And read my Bible.

It's amazing what can be accomplished when you stay home all day.
Try it if you can.

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