Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dan and Jenny: 5 years

A lovely outdoor wedding was held five years ago today.
Under the trees of an old farm outside of town,
my son Dan married his beautiful college sweetheart Jenny.
Dan was the first of our children to marry
and it was a joyous day.

The newlyweds have had a very busy five years:
relocating to North Carolina, buying a home, a career change and two baby girls!
Dan and Jenny, I'm very proud of your hard work and commitment to each other, to family,
and to God's plans for you.
Happy 5th anniversary with love!


Karen Dawkins said...

Shhhh, it's the princess's special day, Ellie. :)

My absolute favorite memory of their wedding -- among lots of favorite memories -- was Ellie's reaction to a real live princess!

Jenny, may you always be Dan's princess.

Jenny Haller said...

Thanks Barb!! So many memories