Monday, July 16, 2012

photo-a-day this week

I caught the photography bug back in college,
in fact I changed my major to encompass it.
Then came all the kids and busy years
and while I kept shooting away,
I know I lost focus (ha, ha).
Digital photography zoomed ahead of me.
I've rediscovered photography
and my very able daughter is helping me get up to speed.

This week I'll share a photo a day from my two weeks in northern Michigan.
Nothing incredible, just some of my favorites.

Sunset over Grand Lake, Michigan

1 comment:

klrodman said...

I look forward to the others...I love your style! :)

We (Rob, me, Daniel, Josu, Ellie) are going to Columbus this Thursday & Friday so Josu can see more of America...staying with the Moore's Thursday night. Don't know if we could get together or not.... Any fun stuff in Columbus that you would recommend we check out?