Friday, March 11, 2011

this 'n that

An odd and busy week with some new things thrown in.

1. Rain, rain, RAIN. Then a dusting of snow last night.
2. Paint, paint, PAINT. Painting the living room shelves "dover white" is quite the project. After week, almost done!
2. Did I - or did I not - have a sinus infection? Maybe just a bad cold. Better now.
3. I found a friend from many, many years ago on facebook. For sure I'll blog about it soon.
4. Went swimming today with one of my special kids, Jack, with his class at a cool indoor pool, complete with a "lazy river." I could almost pretend it was July!
5. Finished two books. Might blog about those, too.
6. Awakened this morning to news of the horrific tsunami in Japan. I can't believe the videos. My heart and prayers go out.
7. Wore capris out on errands yesterday, just to shake my fist at winter. Winter won, but I felt darned rebellious!

Hmmm, how about a photo? Here's a new one of my favorite little girl, now 14 months old. She just makes me happy!

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