Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Super trouper

Today my hubby, Bill, was a super trouper: he SHOPPED, and I'm not just talking bread and milk!
We went to Columbus to try a breakfast place he'd heard about....then the Girl Scout shop....then Penney's (ok, this stop was for him)...and two more stops before Old Navy, which was a curveball thrown at him in the 9th inning.
I've heard the male/female difference when it comes to shopping: women enjoy the spirit of the hunt, but a man's goal is to bag his prey and get out. You see it all the time: poor men sitting or wandering in a mall with a glazed look in their eyes, waiting for their wives or girlfriends to finish browsing.
I will say that a man on a shopping trip certainly helps shorten the excursion. Good day!
So, thank you, Bill, for enduring today. It was endearing!

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David said...

That might be my favorite photo of the two of you...love the expressions...it's just YOU (both of you).