Friday, September 26, 2008

late-nite musings from the coast of Ireland

We are awaiting the bus that will take us from the 'Y' in Greystones back to our hotel....we've had a busy day with kate and the kids...discovering Dublin.

OK. Here are things that come to mind so far....
- Paris is a huge city. I thought it pretty clean for such a big, bustling place.
- the bread and crepes in Paris are outstanding. Ditto the cafe au lait.
- the Seine is a most beautiful river, as are the bridges which traverse it.
- when asked what was my favorite thing in Paris, I most remembered the beautiful light at the end of the day, on the Pont (bridge) d'art and around the Louvre. Magnificent for photography. Notre Dame cathedral was spectacular.
- never mind what people say about the French being rude. Most weren't.
- the little town of Greystones, south of Dublin on the Irish Sea, is absolutely beautiful. You can SEE the Irish Sea from Katie's house! The hills rise up in the distance, too.
- Most of all we've seen of Ireland is better than a postcard.
- Katie's bruises have mostly faded, but she still has discomfort inside her nose.

I've gotta go since our ride is here. Having a great time but will be good to get home. Katie says hi to everyone and she loves it here!


Anonymous said...

Barb - finally checkin out your blog - 1st time for me on anyones.
Glad you're loving the trip.
SAfe travels

Lisa said...

We are anxious to hear all about your trip and see pictures!!! Have a safe trip home!