Saturday, September 13, 2008

hurling hazards

Katie called this morning from Ireland. Hmmm. Only the second time in the four weeks she's been there. Sounded like she has a cold. But no.

"I spent last night in the hospital." Seems she and her friends were playing some baseball, but lacking a baseball, they used a hurling ball. Katie was pitching and the batter smacked one, which came straight back to her nose. A trip to the hospital revealed her nose is broken: in three places! Thankfully, her glasses weren't broken....but she'll likely have a matched set of black eyes.

Katie says a hurling ball is harder than a baseball, though my internet search says the ball is "softer than a softball." Her nose didn't care: it's broken.

Katie's in good spirits, though she's resting today rather than going into Dublin with the group. She said, "well, I survived living with three brothers, then came to Ireland to get a broken nose!"

Sense of humor intact. I like that.

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Lisa said...

What? No pictures of the broken nose and the two black eyes.....