Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring fling, part 1: Virginia

 We just returned from a circular trip to Virginia and North Carolina, then home. Lots of baby-holding, Easter egg-hunting, story-reading, diaper-changing and nose-wiping. And hugging and kissing, too!
Egg hunt at Mark and Jill's church

Lily's hard-working daddy made it to the egg hunt.
(This is Mark's busiest season so he works long hours.)

I think reading is the best way to connect with and calm a child.

Darling Ethan, 7 months

 Popsy at the egg hunt, holder of Lily's basket.

One of Lily's favorite times of day is when Mark comes home.
Jill walks the children to a bench at the corner to await Daddy's arrival. Such excitement!

Next post: North Carolina.



Grace Lipman said...

Love the pictures! What fun - Easter with the grandkids!

The Hallers said...

Thank you for visiting! Hopefully next visit won't involve a government shutdown, non-stop rain, or sick children. :)