Thursday, April 10, 2014

national sibling day

I got wind that today is National Sibling Day!
I googled it and found Siblings Day is recognized officially in 39 states
and only for the past 15 years.
My four children have countless sibling memories.
They fought. They argued. They giggled.
They chased each other around the house and yard.
They screamed a lot: in the bathtub,
over food, over toys, over territories.
They also had a ball together and even came up with
a nonsense language: words with meanings known
only to the four of them.
Perhaps my best memories are the photos
I took of my four over the years.
Here are a few ...
And probably my most favorite ...
Take heart, moms.
One day the screaming and fighting stops
and they'll be very good friends.
It's worth the wait.


Karen Dawkins said...

What a beautiful post!

Dan said...

Such sweet kiddos!