Monday, April 14, 2014

baseball and David!

We had a full day on Saturday! The Tampa Bay Rays were in Cincinnati playing the Reds over the weekend. Since they're in opposite leagues, it's unusual for them to play each other, so we were excited to drive just two hours and be able to see our David!

The weather was stellar: sunny, breezy and in the 70's, the best weather since last October! Although I've zipped through Cincinnati many times en route to Nashville, I've never spent much time there. The downtown, right on the Ohio River, is vibrant. We got to visit with David for a few minutes before the one o'clock game, but since he works during the game, we had to meet up again afterwards. Rays won!

We had a leisurely dinner at a restaurant near the river. Mmmmm, fantastic burgers. There's nothing as gratifying for a mother as spending time with an independent and delightful son! As we walked around the downtown, we met several of David's co-workers, also neat people. They must enjoy working with David because they all greeted us so warmly.

"Great American Ballpark"

We headed back home about 8:00. A too-short day with David, but completely worth it!

Messing with a new camera lens, ha!


The Hallers said...

Fun day! When we met David at a game and his co-workers saw Mark, they instantly knew he was a Haller. Ha! Glad you were able to visit.

Dave Haller said...

Love it! Somehow just saw this...thanks again for coming down and visiting. Hopefully next time we can hang a bit longer.