Friday, November 8, 2013

where's Popsy/Katie/your dog/the basement?

Some people my age resist it but I'm crazy about today's technology. Grandchildren 400 miles away can chat with us while they eat dinner. Today we visited with Lily while she stood at the kitchen counter munching turkey, cheese and grapes for lunch. Not even two, she's already savvy enough to lean toward the phone so that her face fills the screen and give us a big, virtual kiss. Incredible! Ethan was napping on the couch so we got to see him, too.

Two nights ago we shared dinner time with Ari (almost 4) and Ashlyn, two-and-a-half. As soon as I appeared on the screen, Ari asked, "where's Popsy and Katie?" Ashlyn piped up, "where's your doggie?" And Ari insisted on seeing the basement, so I marched downstairs, holding the ipad so she could have a basement tour.

Thank you to our daughters-in-love who take time out of their days to keep their babies connected with us! It will only get more fun as the children get older and can carry longer conversations.

My grandparents could never have imagined this. (And in fact, Bill's mom has face-timed with her great-grandchildren. She's completely amazed.)

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