Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day

Many, if not most, of the young men graduating from
high school in 1943 entered military service.
It was the war in which most everyone felt a part: World War II.
My father didn't enlist in 1943 due to, I believe, a health issue.
He attended the University of Arkansas and found himself in a minority group
of young men on campus: most were serving overseas.
Dad did, however, serve in the U.S. Army a few years later
and was stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas.
His artistic ability was put to use and he served as a draftsman.
So I don't have any dramatic war stories of my father
serving in the war. But I've come to appreciate
his willingness to serve, his heart for and love of country.
This Veteran's Day I thank all men and women who
have done as my father did. Whether drafted or not,
whether serving in WW II, the unpopular Vietnam War or a non-combat role,
those who served reveal to me a selfless love of country.
God bless them all.

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