Saturday, November 2, 2013

farewell, October!?

October is one of my favorite months but it seemed to slip right by me this year
with barely a nod. So cliché, but where does the time go?

Dan and Jenny, do you recognize the background? That's right, the beautiful spot where you were married! (And Mark and Jill's reception.) Two weeks ago our good friends Steve and Grace stopped for a couple nights. After a hike at Gallant Woods, Grace and I stopped here at Lehner's for pumpkins. Gorgeous autumn day!

Grace with Ellie at Gallant Woods
We also had that fun, soggy weekend with Mark, Jill, Lily and Ethan in D.C. earlier in October. And I started a part-time job in October ... I guess that has a way of making the time fly. I'm a mother's helper to a wonderful homeschooling family with six children! They needed an extra pair of hands: it's fun and my 4 hours there, three days a week, go quickly. I'm loving it.

What else in October?
My oldest, David, turned 30.
And my daughter-in-love Jenny also had a birthday.
The baseball season slides into the post season
and the World Series happens.
(Poo you Red Sox.)
Daylight savings time ends. This causes me to battle feelings of
sadness. I do NOT like darkness at 5 p.m.!
And raking, oh the raking. We have lots of trees in our yard
and usually rake two or three times. It gets kinda old and reminds me
of autumn in Connecticut. The raking here is nothing like the raking there.
My 3 siblings and I would "draw" lines through the leaves in our front yard,
evenly dividing the work. It was an incredible task.
Sadly, Bill and I biked very little this fall.
Dad's death, baby Ethan's birth, trips, job, the weather.
Biking is on hold til spring, I guess.
October biking, two years ago.
And so it's November.
I'm beginning to think about Thanksgiving
and Christmas (being with ALL our family!) 
and some indoor projects over the winter.
And books, so many books! Winter, a good time to read.
I hope you had a lovely October!

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Grace Lipman said...

What fun for us to share a piece of your October and oh how I loved that hike in the woods!