Tuesday, March 19, 2013

sisterhood of the traveling Hallers

Well, life got a little crazy. And speaking of travel (last post) ... here I go again. I can't explain it all yet, but I might be needing to stick close to home for awhile and I definitely needed a little granddaughter fix. Yesterday afternoon, in a matter of about one hour, I'd planned a convoluted trip. It will involve two road trips and one flight, beginning tomorrow morning.
Along with that, Katie's heading back home from Charlotte for a few weeks. Bill was opting to stay home and suggested I fly. But when I checked flights to Charlotte and found lousy connections and prices from Columbus, Ohio, plan B was hatched.

Hmmm, how about flights to the D.C. area, where son Mark and his wife Jill live? Well what do ya know, it was about the cheapest place to fly at the last minute, so I called Jill and asked what she thought about a spontaneous trip to Charlotte.

"How about if I fly to D.C. (Baltimore, actually) on Wednesday, and we drive to Charlotte on Thursday?" She seemed excited, checked with Mark, and it's a go! Lily was babbling in the background, so I take it she's quite excited, too. Any young woman who agrees to a road trip with her mother-in-law is pretty brave in my book. I told Jill we are Naomi and Ruth, off to Moab!

So I have less than 24 hours to finish up stuff at home, pack, get some sleep, and get to the airport for a 7 a.m. flight tomorrow. Jill and Lily will pick me up and on Thursday we'll head for Charlotte. After a few wild days filled with toddler mayhem, Katie and I will drive home.

Spontaneity. Sometimes I embrace it ... we'll see how this goes. My laptop is old, slow and clunky, so I won't be taking it along. Hang on til next week when I check back in. Off I go!


LPool said...
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LPool said...

What I meant to say was Roadtrip...Roadtrip...2 cars following one another during Springbreak to Florida...What Fun!!! So this has got to be a great trip....safe travels and let the fun begin.