Friday, March 1, 2013

happy birthday, little sis!

I say this every year, but how I still remember my excitement
over a baby sister when I was six.
And today is her birthday ... happy birthday, Anne!

The journey we're on with our dad (Tuesday's post) has actually revived our
relationship, which we had neglected over the years.
About twice a year, Anne and I meet in Nashville for a couple of days.
Although most of our time is spent with Dad,
we also have time to talk, laugh and catch up.
We share a room with twin beds at our step-sister's house
(a lovely lady, like a sister to us and also named Anne)
and giggle until late at night.

So, even though Dad's decline is extremely hard,
it's given us a reason to be together again as sisters,
and how we cherish our time together.

September 2011, Centennial Park, Nashville

When our mother died 34 years ago, it seems the fabric of our family
began to fray. The four of us were young adults building our lives.
We were talking over the weekend how the mother in a family
seems to be the one to hold it together, relationally.
But it's useless to mourn over those years.
We trust God's hand, and we celebrate our renewed relationship.

Happy birthday, dear Anne. I love you!

December 2011 - Dad's 87th birthday ... we have two brothers, too,
Pat and Mark!

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Anne said...

Thank you sis - I love that photo of us playing flip and upgo! It is priceless. 52 - how on EARTH did THAT happen? Last thing I remember I was about 27! Love you!