Monday, March 11, 2013

dreaming ...

By the time I reached my teens,
a dream had taken shape in my mind.
I would go to college. Or not.
It didn't seem important, though I never dared
mention that to my parents.
But somehow, I would become financially independent and
head for the beach.
I would find a tiny, adorable cottage just across the street from the beach.
It would be extra-nice if no other cottages were in sight.

I would write and perhaps paint and create marvelous
works of art which people would buy
so that I could support myself.
(Though I did want to marry and have children,
this dream would come before all that.)

My cottage would be, well, cottage-y,
with weathered gray clapboards and green shutters.
And wooden floors worn smooth.
I would walk the beach and head back to my cottage,
thick patches of sea grapes lining the path.
Of course there would be a porch with a hefty wicker rocker,
perhaps the one I still have
that has rocked four generations of my family.
On balmy, wind-whipped mornings,
I would wrap in a quilt in the rocker
and greet the day with a mug of steaming coffee.

That romantic dream still swirls in my head,
especially at the tail end of winter here in Ohio.
Oh, the mind of a dreamy artist.
But now I dream of a bigger cottage,
with room for a husband to putter
and me to write.
I'll make soup and bread and cookies
 for our children and grandchildren,
arriving for a visit.

And after long walks on the beach
and a bedtime snack,
I will pray with them and tuck them in under quilts
while the wind whips outside our cottage.


Lyn Pool said...

I see it, I see it!!!! In my minds eye I see it. Reminds me of one of my favorite authors and how she writes. Rosamond Pilsher..spelling might be incorrect on her last name.

Anonymous said...

I could be your neighbor in the cottage next door. ;)


Jenny Haller said...

There are 9 grandchildren in that picture!! guess I got some work to do :):) A beach always sounds nice.

Barb said...

Lyn ... I've read Rosamunde Pilcher. Loved her book, "September." Lisa ... ok, sounds good! Jenny ... haha, I'll be ready for as many grandchildren as God gives us!