Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the rhythm of the road: Callawassie Island, South Carolina

My older brother Pat and his wife Janet moved to the Low Country a few years ago:
Callawassie Island, South Carolina.
It's not the midwest.
The Low Country's personality is  a palette of changing textures and tides.
Pat and Janet's house overlooks a tidal marsh, its appearance constantly changing with the tides.
Water birds and alligators make their home there and palmettos line the roadways.
Nearby is the Atlantic Ocean, sending sea breezes over the island and marshes.
I find it an untamed and magical place.

Janet was out of town, but we enjoyed a lasagna dinner with Pat and my niece Sarah.
How wonderful to see her again after several years.
At 25, she's poised and focused. Love you, Sarah!
Love you and good to see you, big brother!
On to Florida.

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