Tuesday, January 8, 2013

the new normal

Glacier National Park, 1998
 This year looks to be one of more travel for us. Our kids all live out of state. I still buzz down to Nashville to visit my dad. And some fun stuff in the works, too.

If you've ever traveled with kids, you know it's sometimes a stretch to call it a vacation. With four kids, the challenges increased exponentially. More bathroom breaks, more Cheerios and toys on the van floor, more noise, more fights, more outbursts from mom: "do you want me to come back there?!"

Now, as our kids have children of their own, they're getting a taste of the joys of traveling with children. But Bill and I are getting of taste of traveling without them. And it's pretty nice.

We stop when we want, or don't. OK, our bathroom breaks might be more frequent, but no squirrely kids are yelling for stops. The Cheerios are long gone, as are the mountain of food to keep everyone fed. Hard-boiled eggs, yogurt and fruit fit the bill for lunch on the road. Since Bill loves to drive and I love not to, we're a good pair. He drives and I navigate, read, choose our music and nap.

There are moments when I miss the exuberance of children in the car, and sharing points of interest with them. That season had its fun moments. But this empty nest season of small lunches and peaceful conversation is mighty sweet!

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-d said...

Sounds like you're settling into retirement travel.