Wednesday, April 11, 2012

lulling Lily, lullaby-less

My precious little granddaughter Lily is two months and two days old. She started out small but is growing vigorously! Her mom Jill says that Lily has waking hours during the day and evening, but I'm beginning to doubt, because Lily is asleep for 93% of the time she's with me.

The other day, Jill stopped by to see Katie before she headed back to college. "She was awake during errands. But as soon as we pulled into your drive, she fell asleep!" Lily awakened briefly as Jill carried her into the house, but as soon as she was in my arms, she dozed off.

This has held true for much of my time with her. Either I'm a very boring Baba, or you're just comfy with me, Lily. Of course I like to think the latter. Soon you'll be an energetic toddler tearing around my house and my life. For now, I cherish your adorable, sleeping self.

Love you, Lily!

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