Monday, April 30, 2012

finder's keepers

So last week I clean-swept my closet. Of course, I share it with hubby and cleaning the closet wasn't on his radar, so it wasn't a total sweep. In the spirit of simplifying, I piled a huge wad of my clothing on the bed and began to sort. And sort and purge I did. Four trash bags full for Goodwill.

You might remember this post in which I wondered why I was keeping dresses from the 90's. Well, I came across another dress, this one from 2005. This dress was the find of the decade! I found it while hunting the sale racks at Macy's. I remember being extra-thrilled with the price, something like $11.00, down from $85.00. It's silk and lined and so comfortable. I wore it to David's college graduation in 2005. Even with a too-long hemline, I liked the dress, but it got pushed back in the closet for several years.

Today I pulled it out, tried it on and was tickled to find that it still fits! The tag claims that it's a size 4, but since I haven't worn a 4 since I was 13 years old, it must be mismarked. So now my plan is to shorten it by about 8 inches and wear it to Katie's graduation in three weeks.

A lot of the things that I found in my closet are going to Goodwill. But my silk dress is a keeper.

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klrodman said...

Yay! Check that off your to-do list! :) Now I can't wait to see it! :) See you soon! :)