Monday, March 5, 2012

writing week

Desk organized.
Papers pitched.
Books rearranged.
Shelves dusted.
Trash emptied.
Last year's planner put away.
This year's planner front and center.
Most-often used books: Bibles, dictionary, writer's market guide, journal
 lined up and ready.
Favorite pens & yellow highlighter at hand.

This week presented itself to me as open and available for - what?
Writing, of course.
An article is due at the end of the month for Heart of Ohio magazine.
I've been wanting to take a look at other writing opportunities that have caught my eye.

But. At times, I'm my own worst enemy.
I sit at my desk, watching the wind blow a light March snow around.
Finish coffee.
Wonder if Lily's napping or not.
Back downstairs for more coffee.
Throw in a load of laundry. 
Creating a huge anticipation to work and yet,
 I'm distracted.
I think it's less "writer's block" and more "writer's avoidance."

Two or three good hours put in today.
It will have to do.
Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

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Karen Dawkins said...

A writer I know uses the "Pomodoro" technique -- named after a tomato shaped timer. I use a modified technique, called the "micro-model"????

Setting the microwave timer for 30 minutes, I sit and write. And write. And write. And write. As much as I can get out.

When the timer beeps, I set it again, taking a 15 minute break to focus on the more important things of life, like Lily! :)

Then I set the timer for another thirty minutes.

Four writing sessions and then an hour break. I usually stop after that -- life beckons. My family has to eat. My house won't clean itself. Daisy needs a walk.

It works for me. Happy writing this week!!! Praying for clarity!