Saturday, March 3, 2012

senior show: a festive night!

Our daughter Katie brought it all together for her part in the senior art and photography show at Taylor University. The opening of the show was last night, featuring the work of ten artists. It was a gala affair with many amazing elements. First, a fabulous food buffet. Another photographer's mom put it together, for which I was thankful because it wouldn't have looked like this had I been in charge!
Fancy schmanzy, done by Nancy.

We arrived on campus late morning, at which time Katie whipped us into action helping her finish up a few last-minute details. My first job took massive brain power: cleaning the glass on the framed work. Ha. Then Bill and Katie hung them all.
Katie had already figured the layout, spacing and hammered in the nails.
I love this alcove space Katie has beside a stairway in the art building.
The show will run for two weeks.

Over lunch Katie finalized her mission statement and titles for each print. Then off to the print lab to print and mount them. (No, not the photos! Just the titles. Whew.) 
We gave the ok on her "pedestal" (far left in the photo above) which helped set the Michigan theme.
Michigan rocks, birch, evergreen sprigs, guest book, and new business cards.
This next photo is one of my favorites: the old fridge at our Michigan cabin.
And, judging by the comments, a favorite of many the attendees.
Katie named it 'Old Faithful.'

At last, Katie was ready. Her work was ready.
She seemed calm. Calmer than me.
She is "Miss Symmetrical." Interesting to see how photographers differ in that regard.

And then they came. Several hundred. Students, friends, profs, parents. kids and grandparents.
Overwhelming, really. And wonderful.
Live music floated down from upstairs: a student band. Nice touch!
The painters whose work was in the gallery were, um, running a little late
so there was some nervous anticipation as to when the doors would open.
But open they did.

Here's Katie with Kelsie, a Taylor mom/prof and friend of mine
who I'd have never known had it not been that our kids went to Ireland freshman year.
And we went on parents week, and the rest is .... well, it's FISP and you just had to be there.
Love ya, Kelsie. Thank you for being a mom to our kids these four years!

Not the greatest shot, but gives you an idea of Katie and her roommate
Brie's shared area for the show.

Katie with Brie and Norah, an amazing artist and
friend of Katie's since freshman year. (I don't think Norah slept at all the previous night, poor thing.)

Super cool: Katie chatting with Taylor's prez, Dr. Habecker.

Bill was bushed. This is another student's display!

Proud of you, sweetie. A job done with your usual skill and beauty.
Need an excellent photographer? Look no further.
Call on Katie.


Jenny Haller said...

Yah Katie! Looks great. Proud of you for 4 years at TU. You'll miss it. Best years of my life.

Anonymous said...

You have a talented daughter. Thanks for the link from Miz Boo's QL or I would have missed the show. Best of luck in your future Katie!
love and prayers, jep

Barb said...

Oh, thanks, Jep! I see your comments all the time. Thanks for visiting!

Dave Haller said...

Way to go Katie! A beautiful display and a delightful evening. Thanks for the call/FaceTime that night...made me feel like I was there! Was very sorry to miss it.

And great post, Mom.