Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bad dog!

When it comes to dogs, different strokes for different dogs. The dogs I've seen at the mall must like shopping. But ours is into baseball cards.

Our dog Ellie exhibits some strange behaviors. She has a history of chewing on photographs, used tissues (ick) and sandpaper.

This morning I went to the basement and discovered a box of BASEBALL TRIVIA CARDS scattered on the floor, the box torn apart. It looked like the work of a toddler. No, not possible.

I can only guess that Ellie was bored in the middle of the night and went looking for something to do.

She must really like looking at the cards, because only the box was damaged.


Jill said...


David said...

Naughty, sassy pooch! Dirty dog!

Anonymous said...

glad to see the family dog finally made the blog! good job