Sunday, June 14, 2015

happy birthday, Chelsea!

This girl's birthday is today ...
She's the one who stole my son David's heart,
the one he waited for,
the one I prayed for,
the one who blew into our family just over a year ago,
who blew us away at Thanksgiving as we all crammed into
one house together with 5 little children,
who could go with the flow of our craziness,
and will officially join us when she
marries David next month!
Chelsea you are warm and witty,
outgoing and humble,
hospitable and grace-filled,
faithful and loving.
Best of all, you have brought light and love to my son's life
and for that I thank you and thank the Lord for his faithfulness.
Hope you've enjoyed a special birthday!

1 comment:

kathy b said...

She sounds like a great girl!! they are a great looking couple!!