Tuesday, June 30, 2015

birthdays and bumping along

This gal had a birthday on June 23, but I was MIA and missed blogging it.
Happy birthday, Jill!
She's a mama to three tiny ones, ages 3, 22 months and one month.
Full, long days. But you handle it with grace, Jill.
This photo about sums it up, I think! (Ethan would not pose!)
Hang in there! I love you.
And this little girl turned four the day after Jill's birthday.
Oh Ashlyn, you're a sweet treasure ...
my curly-headed, lovey, cuddly, sometimes emotional, darling granddaughter.
I hope your 5th year is fabulous!
Love, love you.
I'm tellin' ya ... life is full to the brim for the Hallers!
Two new grandchildren, keeping tabs on Bill's mom,
trying to sell our cabin, and a wedding next month.
I've had LOTS of travel, and
 the coming month will be wild and wonderful
as son David gets married in Florida. Yippee!
Just crazy about all these people ... my wonderful, exploding family!
Here are a few more photos from recent weeks:
Jenny with Jordan
Dan with his older three

Noah the "squawker"
Ethan, Mark and Lily
I am exceedingly blessed and grateful.

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