Monday, February 9, 2015

Lily's turning 3!

The recent weeks have been a little rough,
but then the Haller birthdays roll around and
I'm reminded how incredibly blessed I am by my family.
Never would I have dreamed to have 7 grandchildren in 5 years!
It's pretty awesome.
So today, Lily Jane turns three!
I was inadvertently present at her birth and
what a tiny treasure she was!
Now Lily is a fun-loving little girl who loves puzzles and books
and walking to the park to play or being outside. 
Love, love playing and reading with her!
It's awful living so far apart, but makes our reunions that much sweeter.
Wishing Lily Jane a special, wonder-filled birthday.
Love you, sweet girl.

Thank you, God, for grandchildren.

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