Sunday, February 8, 2015

happy birthday, Mark!

on his wedding day ~ August 1, 2009

Today is my son Mark's 27th birthday.
We've been with him on his birthday for the last several years (partly because
his daughter Lily's birthday is tomorrow: three years ago Jill was in labor
on Mark's birthday) ... but not this year.
Here's a birthday acrostic:
M - man-boy. It's a familiar family story, how from a very early age Mark loved to work. At about 6 years old, he volunteered to help Taylor, a neighbor, erect a stone wall. Taylor sent Mark home for a lunch break but Mark was back at Taylor's door in 15 minutes, ready to work. The boy just wanted to grow up quickly!
A - Amiable. He was such a shy little boy. And though still kind of quiet, Mark gets along well with people: his job requires it. I always told our kids, learn to get along well with people and it'll take you far.
R - reticent. The guy has little to say. But when he does, you want to listen. 
K - Kids! In about 4 months, Mark's wife Jill will have their third baby in just over 3 years. He's a firm and loving dad and (of course) works hard for his family.
Have a happy birthday, Mark.
You're an amazing son and we love you!

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