Thursday, January 1, 2015

our new year's girl

I became a grandmother five years ago today: Ari Taylor joined our family on New Year's day, 2010, two days before my 55th birthday. The night we arrived to meet her, I held Ari for several hours in the cozy rocker in her room. We snuggled and rocked and she won me over with her sweetness. I could scarcely believe I was now a grandmother.
Since then, as happens with all children, Ari has grown into an amazing little girl. She is busy, imaginative, curious, creative, a friend to all, and strives to be in charge. Ari talks to everyone, stranger or not, as she did in August while visiting us. She "interviewed" every person in line at the local ice cream stand, asking them why they "came to Dairy Depot."

Ari began my role as a grandmother and continues to teach me
how to listen and love and just slow down and be in her world.

I love you, Ari. It is my prayer that Popsy and I will one day live closer to you so that we have more than occasional visits.
Happy, happy 5th birthday!
(As always, thank you, Katie, for getting some of  my favorite photos.)

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