Monday, January 26, 2015

happy 30th, Dan!

Wow, this guy is turning 30 today!
Every mother says it, "where did the years go?"
Dan was born the month after we moved to northwest Ohio.
"Big brother" David was just 15 months old, the winter was long and snowy,
and I had no friends in our new town.
Those were some rough days!
I'm so proud of Dan.
In the 7 and a half years he and Jenny have been married,
they've moved twice, had three babies,
and a major career change.
Through it all, Dan has persevered and kept his sense of humor, too.
Proud of you, son!
It was fun, fun spending the weekend with you.
(More on that soon.)
Wishing you a fantastic birthday!
love, Mom

1 comment:

Dan said...

Thanks so much! Had a fun time, and the surprise was one to remember forever! 30 years...sounds like a lot!