Wednesday, September 17, 2014

they came, they played, and played some more

Limping along a little bit late, but here ya go. Three-plus weeks ago, all five of our grandchildren (and their parents, yah) drove many, many miles to Ohio to visit us for the weekend. Such great, loud fun! We have just a few more months that we can say "five under five!"

Someone asked me what we would "do" with the grandchildren during their visit.
I guess my mothering experience kicked in because I correctly predicted
what would be best:
1. Outdoor play
2. Regular meals and snacks
3. Naps and timely bedtimes
That pretty much summed up the weekend!
I tried to snap a few photos; here are some favorites:
"the girls table"


"I do NOT need your help blowing out my candle, cousins!"
(Celebrating Ethan's first birthday.)

Dan wanted to take the kids to Dairy Depot, where he grew up having ice cream
after Little League games. Ari "interviewed" each person in line,
asking their reason for coming to Dairy Depot. Ha ha!
I love her spunk.


In 15 years they'll both have their licenses! Gah!


I got to take a little dip in our neighbors' pool with the girls. Thanks, Exlines!

I sent home some toys with both families, including LEGOS. Everyone's happy!

It took nearly 40 shots to get this one, which is my favorite. Whew!
THANK YOU, Dan & Jenny and Mark & Jill for making the long
drive here. It means so much to us!!

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Kathleen said...

Oh, they are adorable. You can see the personalities of each in the picture. I bet you hate to see them go home! But I also bet you need a nap after they leave.