Monday, September 1, 2014

blogging and a birthday

Where has all the blogging gone?? It's been a full, hectic, somewhat stressful summer. And then I don't write much. But I hope to change that and get back on track, beginning today, the first day of September and my mother's birthday.
Not to cheat or anything, well maybe I am. But I'm borrowing a past birthday post. I don't know, it seems I've entered a new phase of life the past year. Both my parents are gone. (Though I am very thankful for my stepmother, Sally.) I appreciate the impact my parents made on my life but I don't dwell on it and life goes on.
This photo of my mother was taken around 1950, when she became engaged to Dad. It's a sweet photo of the young bride-to-be but goodness, so long ago. Isn't life short? And sometimes I think, is it even possible to love someone who's been gone for so long? In a sense it's like I never knew her.
Hey, Mom. Today you would have turned 89 years old. It's hard to imagine you that old, because when you left us, you were younger than I am now.

I still miss you. How I would love to call you (or email!) and share something about the kids. You would be so proud of David, Dan, Mark and Katie, and Jenny and Jill, too. You would have built tender relationships with them. You were such a warm and relational person.

You always looked forward to grandchildren and now I know why, with five of my own. You somehow knew the precious love they would bring to a grandmother's heart. You'd be a great-grandmother now! Not sure you even thought ahead that far. But I am sure of one thing.

Through the short 24 years we had, you taught me to laugh at myself, not others. To listen to my children. To love my husband. To care for neighbors and love the unlovable. To try new things. That life is short and a few dirty dishes or dusty shelves mean a lot less than time spent with my children. And in the end, if our time on earth is shorter than we hoped, to have no regrets in how we lived.

Thank you for all you taught me. I love you, Mom. Happy birthday.

See you all again this week. Promise. After all, some grandchildren came to visit ...

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