Monday, June 23, 2014

happy birthday, Jill!

Happy birthday today to my dear daughter-in-love Jill!
I could never have dreamed the joy that my children's spouses
 would bring to our family.
Jill has accepted, encouraged, stretched and loved us.
She patiently puts up with our weirdness.
She no longer feels like an "addition" to the family,
but completely a part of us.
We are blessed beyond measure and so are our son Mark
and their children Lily and Ethan.
Being a wife and mother isn't easy,
but Jill has relaxed into the roles beautifully.
A birthday acrostic for you, Jill:
                                                         J - joyful!
                                                         I - inquisitive and industrious
                                                         L - laughter that is contagious
                                                         L - loyal to God, family, friends
I love you, Jill.
Have a wonderful day that includes naps for your babes!

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The Hallers said...

Thank you, Barb! Naps 👍