Tuesday, June 24, 2014

happy 3rd birthday, Ashlyn!

My second-born granddaughter, Ashlyn, turns three today.
What a snuggly, lovey little girl.
She also likes to dig for bugs and worms, even in a dress during a photo shoot!
Her spirited nature is magnified, naturally, by big sister Ari.
Playing, eating, painting, vacation, going to the library or grocery,
life is just a whirlwind with siblings close in age.
Ashlyn is sweet, loving, loves to eat, and especially loves her sleep.
She falls asleep faster than any child I've ever known.
And feisty, too. (What 3 year-old isn't??)
Best of all, Ashlyn was born into a family with LOTS of people who love her.
And I feel incredibly blessed that God gave her to me as a granddaughter.
I love you, Ashlyn. Wishing you a very happy birthday and 4th year!
~ Baba


Jenny Haller said...

aww, my sweet girl. Thanks, for loving.

The Myricks said...

So much to love in those three kiddos!!! Sweet post of a sweet girl!