Wednesday, January 8, 2014

venturing outdoors - day after Christmas!

Dan and Jenny kindly hosted us all at their house, and we were thankful. But when the sun shone the day after Christmas we grabbed the chance to get outdoors. Thank you, North Carolina!

There's a neat park, formerly a farm, nearby. Off we went.

Jenny and Jill swingin' their boys

the best we could do with squirmy girls

Though Noah was happy to oblige for a photo.

I love how Ash pauses just long enough for a sweet photo.

Our Ari just makes you catch her exuberance ... no poses!
Nothing's much sweeter than seeing my sons and their wives love
their children. Wonderful parents, all of them. (Jenny & Noah)

I think everyone except Bill and me is in this photo!

Aw, Lily, climbing a tree like her cousins.

Ash with her daddy Dan.

Mark and Jill with Lily and a snoozing Ethan.

Playing the simplest version of hide 'n seek with Aunt Jill.


After a bit, we'd had all the play we needed and headed home.
Jobs, where they live, and our kids' busy lives allow us to all gather about once a year. It's an especially sweet and treasured time. Love you all, miss you. Thank you for making my Christmas the best yet.

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