Tuesday, January 7, 2014

catchin' up on Christmas

One of my favorites of our Christmas photo shoot!
Whoa, Christmas flew by, but seeing as how we spent it with ALL our kids and grandkids way down in Charlotte, it's taken awhile to get back on track. But I'm excited to share some photos.

Between Katie and me, we got a few decent shots. But oh goodness we couldn't man the cameras all the time. There was cooking and cleaning up to do, diapers to change, stories to read, bandaids to apply, toys to shove aside, popcorn to make, children to bathe and cuddle, and plain catching up with each other. Gloriously exhausting, it was!

So here goes ...

What a difference a year makes! (2012) ...

... and 2013. Whew, wasn't sure we could hold on to them all!
l to r: Noah, Ashlyn, Ari, Ethan and Lily

the guys seemed to have it all together
Mark and his boy Ethan
Uncle Dave can handle these guys, no problem!

So what's going on here? The guys are each making their own "Scotto" board. Same as the game 'Sequence,' but homemade on plywood with decks of cards, glue and polyurethane.
It was quite the project but they've always wanted their own boards.
 (We made one for Bill in 1997.)
Ari reading "Fancy Nancy Christmas"

Come on, what's cuter than the girls' table??

Bill (aka Popsy) found a few sweet moments with his grandbabies.

Katie and Jenny cooking up something fabulous. We ate well!


Er Noah, you're losing your pants. hehe

Oh gracious, this I love!
Jill's a wonderful mama.

The weather improved enough to get to a park. That's what you can do in North Carolina in December and it'll be my next post!

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Kathleen said...

Oh what a lovely family you have, Barb. Those pictures are gems!