Wednesday, December 4, 2013

thankful for Thanksgiving at home

We've been home for TWO months now, with no trips! While we miss all our far-away family and particularly the fast-growing grandchildren, it's nice to be home after a flurry of trips in late summer and early fall.

I'm a self-avowed homebody; while I like visiting and seeing new places, I'm most comfortable at home with my own bed, desk, bathroom and coffee mug. Maybe most everyone is like that?

Lily and Jill work on sweet potatoes!
Bill, Katie and I welcomed Mark, Jill, Lily and Ethan for Thanksgiving. It was fun and low-key. When your company includes small children and babies, you're tied to the house for feedings, naps and regularly timed meals. So we didn't go out to a movie or the zoo (it was frigid outside; too cold for babies) or much of anything away from the house. But it was nice to hold Ethan (though at almost 3 months he mostly prefers mama), play with Lily and play games with the adults.
Father and son: isn't Ethan a doll??
Lily teaching Popsy the iPad
Fresh air!

Best and cutest clean-up team
Tiny table-setter
 Thanks for making the trip, Mark and Jill! Christmas will be quite another story ...

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