Tuesday, December 10, 2013


With each passing year I am losing the enthusiasm to decorate for Christmas.
One commenter said on Donna Boucher's recent post
"it must have to do with being in our 50's."
I am a bit tired ....
of hauling the bins from the crawl space,
of picking through the knick-knacks and garlands and light strands and coffee mugs
to decide what gets used and what stays in the bins.
And for what?
Yes, to serve as a reminder of the coming and the hope of Christ,
though I can do that in my words and thoughts and actions and prayers and worship.
But then who am I to forego my mother's electric candles in the windows,
a simple tree adorned with lights and 35 years of ornaments?
Would I regret it come December 24?
So two days ago, Katie and I hauled out the bins
and in a less-than-reverent voice I announced,
"one hour! I'm only doing this for one hour!"
And that's what we did.
That evening Bill said,
"the house looks nice. Thank you."
More on this topic later!

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