Wednesday, July 24, 2013

more of Mexico

Five amazing girls: Katie, Hannah, Lindsay, Emily, Sam,
at the cathedral in Cuernavaca
Our second full day in Mexico we toured the bustling city of Cuernvaca. It had grown to over a million people and, in fact, Our Cabana is now inside the city. Thirty years ago, it sat at the edge of town. We toured the 500-year-old cathedral, wandered the markets and enjoyed cafe con leche together at a cafe.

Love, love Taxco (pronounced tahs-co), a silver-mining center way up in the mountains.

touring beautiful Taxco

This wasn't just a trip: preparation was everything. We worked for nearly two years with the girls in our troop who committed to the Cabana trip. I have a notebook filled with proof of their hard work. They planned their uniforms and tie-dyed special t-shirts. They planned crafts for service projects, practiced Spanish, and role played with each other. And of course they earned lots of money. Since none of the girls had extensive, if any, international travel experience, I shared with them the importance of representing themselves, their country and Girl Scouting to their very best. And wow did they come through! 

My co-leader Lisa and I were so proud of our girls. They made friends. They laughed, they embraced every new experience: food, bargaining in the markets, serving disadvantaged children, long bus rides, and climbing pyramids. They didn't whine or grumble. They just soaked it all in and rolled with the punches.

Sam and Katie in Tepotzlan
Cabana's craft house: popular spot!
This "perfect, 5 seats!" in the back of the bus created a bit of
motion sickness!

I gazed down this hallway for a minute. In 1976, I walked it many times a day ... my room was about halfway down: a simple dorm-type room where I lived that summer. Lots of memories and
lots of years between then and now.

More to come ...

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