Wednesday, June 5, 2013

little girl gardening

I'm in Charlotte, getting to know Noah
and lending a hand.
The newborn days ... how quickly I forget
a mother's extreme fatigue and adjustments,
a father being spread so thin,
the babe's constant needs to eat and sleep,
plus two toddlers in the mix.
When I arrived yesterday, three-year-old Ari
was proud and pleased to show me their garden.
I rather like these photos of her ...  

Plenty of pea-harvesting.
I love how she is already adept at this!

Yes, she was in her swimsuit.
A three-year-old is much too busy to
change clothes as she goes to a new activity.

I suppose most grandmothers take photographs of
their grandchildren's faces.
But I have a thing for the tops of their heads.
So soft and sweet and irresistible.

Ashlyn, nearly two.

And the newest head of all,
Noah Daniel, 5 days old.
Oh my goodness look at that hair.
I'm in love.

My dad, who lives in Nashville,
is declining bit by bit. I'm trying to focus completely
on my grandchildren, but a portion of my heart is with my dad.
It is very hard to feel pulled, physically and emotionally,
in several directions.
Today, Lord. Give me strength only for today. 

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