Sunday, May 19, 2013

the boys' department

Jenny at 39 weeks

I said I'd blog next on other aspects of the surgery journey, but my brain can't put it into words right now. Maybe because I've been immersed in it for five weeks ... and just need to go somewhere else mentally. So, where better than grandchildren?

In ten days our first grandson is due to join the family, to Dan and Jenny. We're super excited! You'd think, having had three boys in a row, I'd lean naturally to boy stuff. But whenever I breeze through baby departments, I gravitate to the girls' clothing! No thanks to all the neon colors this year! 

The other great news is that Mark and Jill are expecting their first son, our SECOND grandson,
in early September! What fun for these boy cousins to be just a few months apart, and for Baba and Popsy to have a couple of grandsons. I have a hunch that my "boy sense" will come rushing back. Trucks and cars, "rough boys," dirty hands and pockets full of stones and acorns.

Maybe then I'll finally remember to stop in the boys' department.


Bonnie Hudson said...

Congratulations! What fun times!

Jenny Haller said...

Hehehe. That chicken was adorable. Boys don't need much! Plus, the clothes these days seem a tiny bit tasteless. Too many skulls or silly sayings.

Karen Dawkins said...

There still are cute boy clothes out there!!! Promise! :)
Now you're doing two grandkids a year -- yikes! Congratulations!!!