Tuesday, May 14, 2013

an amazing month

Eating lunch yesterday after our appointment
with the surgeon. Notice the
new soft collar!

I've been caretaking, adjusting, resting, gardening, driving, arising early, finding a new normal with Bill and overall rejoicing the last ten days. And, I've found it very tough to get back to blogging.

One month ago today, Bill underwent his spinal fusion surgery. Little did we know the hard work that lay ahead. That night, he could barely move. We fed him for three days. His pain was off the charts. I was scared and wondered what we'd gotten ourselves into.

But today, four weeks later, Bill's been home a week and a half. He uses a cane for stability and can prepare his breakfast, feed the dog, and get around the house fairly well. He can shower and dress himself with some help.

I would tie Bill's shoes every day for the rest of my life if he could just take walks with me! And it's happening ... most days we take two walks around our block, which is HUGE. Pre-surgery, a short walk was more than he could handle. His stamina is slowly increasing. His arm strength probably won't fully return for many months. But thanks to therapy at our local hospital and at home, Bill will get there.

Next, I'll share some of the emotional and relational aspects of this journey. I'm so thankful for the countless friends and family who've helped, prayed, and asked about Bill!


Bonnie Hudson said...

I'd been checking the blogs to see what's been happening, and we've continued to pray. So glad Bill is improving and things are getting better. How is Aunt Lib adjusting to Assisted Living? Love to all.

Jenny Haller said...

Hooray Bill! Prayers for continued resilience and no setbacks. You two are learning a new love ;)

Lyn Pool said...

So glad that progress is slow but steady. Better than stalling or no progress at all. The new normal is correct but you will get used to it. My thoughts are with you. :)