Monday, April 1, 2013

on the road again

Where to begin? Two weeks ago today I quickly made a plan to visit our  granddaughters. Two days later I was on a flight to Baltimore and spent one night with Mark, Jill and Lily. The next day, Jill, Lily and I drove to Charlotte. That stay was extended a day or so due to a spring snowstorm that blew across the midwest. I helped Katie pack up her car ... oh it was a squeeze, since she'd been in Charlotte a few months ... and we headed north on Tuesday.

We spent a lot of time doing this ...

... and this ...

So dear, so busy. Toys scattered. Smiles, laughter and tears, too. But worth every exhausting minute. Ari is starting to leave toddlerhood behind and become a little girl. She helps Jenny cook, unload the dishwasher, and is crazy about her fairy collection.

It was a precious gift to see my two daughters-in-love, both pregnant, sharing and playing with the three cousins.

Lily, 13 months, was at times overwhelmed by all the toddler hubbub. Her smart mama brought Lily's giraffe walker, which kept her busy and content.

Lily wasn't too sure about anyone holding her other than Jill, but we managed to snap a couple of photos.

Why the quick trip? A big and unexpected reason. Next post!

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Jenny Haller said...

It was good to have you!!!