Friday, April 26, 2013

balancing acts

Practicing balance with Katie, PT.

Bill is working very hard this week on the rehab unit at Riverside.
I didn't doubt that he would, but it's hard to watch him
push through the pain and muscle weakness.
I know he's frustrated that he has such a long road.
Upper arms that worked before are significantly weakened from the surgery.
Balance needs work.
And his gait, the signal that first alerted us to his problem,
must be retrained.

Bill's making steady progress,
albeit not as rapid as he'd like.
He's doing alot more self-care,
but isn't allowed to walk anywhere alone.
In his down time, if not napping,
Bill makes a phone call or two, can text,
reads the paper and watches TV.
He's made a couple of buddies on the unit,
some of whom have challenges greater than Bill's.

The PTs and OTs continue to amaze me.
They show compassion and humor,
but with an iron-will determinedness to help Bill
become independent again and come home.

Your messages, cards, calls and meals mean so much.
Every card is on display in his room,
and I read him the texts and e-mails.
I know you are a great encouragement.
Thank you, thank you!

Please pray for a increased stamina ... and a target release date!


Bonnie Hudson said...

Barb and Bill,

You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Glad progress is being made. We're assuming the required therapy is a result of the location of what had to be done. Bob never had to go into rehab with any of his surgeries, but he did have to go to therapy. God bless. Love, Bonnie & Bob

Karen Dawkins said...

Praying for Bill and you!
Love you both,
Karen and Rob

Lanita said...

Just now catching up on what's been going on! Clearly you've both been through a lot. So glad you have family and a family of believers to help you through all this.
Glad the rehab is working and Bill is taking steps toward regaining control of his body. So glad you sought help when you did.
Grateful for all the prayers you've received and all the answers to those prayers. We will be praying also.
Love you!