Wednesday, April 1, 2009

being fooled

My mother loved trying to catch us in an April Fool's joke. One year my brother got her by running upstairs the morning of April 1 yelling, "the basement's flooded!" Mom totally fell for it and my brother fell out laughing.

My own crowning April Fool's joke came at the expense of my gullible young children. Standing at the living room window, I hollered: "look at the deer in the front yard!" Four squealing children trotted in, "where, where??"

At the perfect moment I ran to the back of the house, calling, "now they're in the back yard!" as the kids clambered along, hoping to catch sight of the suburban deer.

And so it went until I could keep it up no longer, dissolving in giggles.

"Oh, mom!"

My son David called this morning with a long tale of a scary experience at a gas station last night, involving a gun. He ended with, "I can't believe I made it to April first!"

The kids are now fooling me.


David said...

The deer joke was classic...I remember it well.

After the trade deadline and Christmas, I think April Fools Day is my favorite day of the year.

Barb said...

oh, David .... that's so you.

DandJHaller said...

My favorite April Fool's memory is when we got Steve Lipman to believe we broke his windows playing baseball in his front yard! Hook, line and sinker!

And David, you WOULD carry out a story only to turn it into an April Fool's joke. Well played!