Sunday, October 1, 2017

Welcome, Simon!

Dear Simon,
You're here! You came into the world on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 just after 6:30 a.m.
The previous couple of weeks were downright crazy!
Your mom and dad evacuated St. Petersburg just a week before your due date because Hurricane Irma was bearing down on the Gulf Coast. They went to stay with your other grandparents on the east coast of Florida and even made the news!
No power at your house when they returned: they had to stay in an apartment for a few nights. Whew, glad you waited: so considerate of you!
Once your mom started labor (3+ days before you arrived), we all waited anxiously.
Then again, babies can't be rushed so you stayed cozy until the situation
called for a C-section and out you came: big and beautiful and perfect!
Big babies are out of my experience: to me, you look much older than you are!
But all that's important is you and mommy are healthy.
 And daddy is intact! (-;
Speaking of daddy, I remember one Christmas when my kids were all home.
They were college and high school age.
We went around the table, answering a hope we each had in life.
David said, and I remember this clearly because it became a prayer for me,
"I hope to be a dad someday."
And so he is, because of your mommy and you.
Simon, you can count on your dad to be the best.
He's hard-working, caring, loving, generous, and very very funny.
He'll probably teach you to play baseball and drink coffee.
I pray he will point you to your heavenly father who's REALLY the best dad ...
but your earthly daddy will be amazing.
Your mommy will love, protect, cheer for, challenge, teach, clean up, and cry over you. Endlessly. She will love you with a big love and I want you to be kind and gentle with her.
Learn to obey your parents in the Lord. It will bring you peace.

I love you, Simon! I'll see you in a few weeks ... and cannot wait to be your loving


-d said...

Love these last posts. Apparently the only way to get more blog posts is to have more Haller babies! Welcome, Maddie and Simon, and congrats to the godly, growing Hallers!

Bonnie & Bob said...

Glad I checked to see if you'd posted. Congratulations to all on the births of your two newest grandchildren. Your cup is overflowing! God bless all. Love, Bonnie & Bob