Friday, March 6, 2015


                                                                                photo by Sterling McLean
I'm so excited!!
Our oldest son David proposed to his girlfriend Chelsea
one week ago on Boca Grande Beach in Florida.
 I'm happy and thankful for many reasons.
I've always thought David will make a terrific husband:
 tender and compassionate,
has a great sense of humor and doesn't take himself too seriously,
is hard-working,
and (considering he's been a bachelor for 10 years)
he goes with the flow very well.
Best of all, David was incredibly patient in waiting and trusting
God for his future. He could've "settled" but didn't.
(and that was some feat, considering his mother kept pestering him to
"put a line in the water if you want to catch a fish.")
So who's the lucky girl?
Chelsea Barrett ... and we think he's a lucky guy, too!
We've only spent two weekends with Chelsea
and we love her already.
Any gal who can effortlessly spend Thanksgiving weekend in a house
with all 13 of us (including 5 kids under 5)
and sleep on a leaky air mattress without complaint has my vote!
Chelsea's an accomplished artist/graphic designer, loves coffee (a requirement),
seems to juggle many things at once, has a quick wit and laughs easily,
is up for adventure, is great with children (also a requirement, ha ha!)
and just has that comfortable I-care-about-others personality.
They both love God and have trusted his hand in their lives.
No word yet on a wedding date, but I was right about one thing:
this is going to be a very big year!
Congratulations, you two!


Bonnie said...


Bob and Bonnie

-d said...

What a great big blessed family of love you have. Congratulations to ALL of you!

Life with Kaishon said...

I am so happy for your son! And for you! Hopefully they will be able to keep you on the baby a year plan! : ).

Thank you for your sweet encouragement about Kaishon and Sabriah and the teenage years. It has been so hard for us this year, but I know God is in control and we will be find.

Anonymous said...

Hello Barb, it's Lexanne Dellos. I chose a magazine to read at the doctor's office today and I saw an article by Barb Haller. I thought it must be another Barb Haller. How often do you happen upon an article written by a former neighbor? Well, I recognized a picture (I believe it was David) right after you moved to Delaware. The magazine was an Ohio lifestyle magazine. After I read the story, I knew it was you for sure. I saw your blogspot at the end of the article, so here I am saying "hi" and congratulations on David's engagement! A beautiful couple! I also saw Katie and her daughters' picture. Lovely girls! Your stories are wonderful and I love to see the love of Christ in others. Who would have thought I would re-connect with my former neighbor this way? Well for one...God did! I'm so happy that I was blessed to read some of your work and catch up with your family. In Christ's love, Lexanne Dellos.