Friday, August 1, 2014

happy anniversary, Mark & Jill!

Five years ago, these two cuties got married. What a sweet ceremony, what a fun reception with family and friends.

In these five years so much has happened in our family. Last of the college graduations. Births of five grandchildren! Losing my dad. Our nest emptying. And countless road trips to spend time with them all: now six kids and five grandchildren. What a mixed bag of joy and tears.

Wishing you a happy anniversary, Mark and Jill. You amaze me with your hard work, dedication to God, your children, and each other. You committed to each other so young and are proof that young love can be a lasting love.

Here's to the next five years! 


The Hallers said...

Thank you for your kind words Barb!
We look so young in the first pic..!

Joyce Fittro said...

I remember the day well having full confidence they would make an awesome team! Congratulations on this milestone anniversary! Wishing them many decades of happiness!!! Love and miss them...